About Wenzhou University.

A globally and socially committed institution.


Wenzhou University is committed to exerting a dynamic impact on the society through inclusive education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship.


To nurture students with intellectual curiosity, willingness to rise to the challenge, entrepreneurial spirit, communication and interpersonal skills; To become a highland for collaborative work, exchange of new ideas and thinking, and application of disruptive discoveries; To drive the research, innovation and cultural heritage that benefits the local community, the country and the globe.

Introduction to University Logo

The Logo takes the round shape, delivering a sense of harmony, inclusiveness, and balance. The upper part of the outer ring is the Chinese Character of “Wenzhou University”, an inscription by Su Buqing, the former Honorary President of Wenzhou University and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The English name “WENZHOU UNIVERSITY” is at the lower part to build a complete round ring. The number “1933” in the inner circle marks the year of the birth of the University.

The English letters “W” and “U”, which are the initials of “Wenzhou University”, represent a boat sailing downwind, symbolizing the University’s progress with the times. They are also like the great eagle in the sky, conveying the best wishes for graduates who are capable of flying high and far in their career.

The color of the Logo is pure blue, which implies a pioneering and enterprising marine culture, as Wenzhou is a coastal city in Southeast China.


Seeking Truth and Making Pioneering Efforts

Seeking Truth is the trait of students and staff of Wenzhou University. WZUers shall take it as the life work and enrich themselves with good morals and knowledge.

Making Pioneering Efforts is also the essence of Wenzhou Value. WZUers shall dare to meet new challenges, break the stereotype, explore new possibilities, and strive to build the University into a renowned teaching and research institute with distinctive regional characteristics.

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