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University (WZU), the only comprehensive university across the region of Southern Zhejiang Province, Northern Fujian Province and Eastern Jiangxi Province, and the key university supported by Zhejiang Municipal Government, is located in Wenzhou City, a dynamic historical and cultural city which boasts its distinct natural scenery. Its predecessors include Wenzhou Normal College (founded in 1956, evolved from Wenzhohu Normal School established in 1933) and former Wenzhou University (founded in 1984), the two of which were merged in 2004. In the past 88 years, many talented professionals have contributed to the growth and prosperity of the University, one of which was Academician Gu Chaohao, the winner of the China’s highest science and technology award, who worked here as the president.

We provide undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, continued education programs, international student programs, and international exchange/joint education programs in 20 colleges/schools. The disciplines include arts, science, engineering, law, education, economics, history, management and fine arts.

With two campuses respectively located at Chashan Town and Xueyuan Road, Wenzhou University covers a total land area of 1973.44 mu (approximately 1,315,626.67 sq.m.). The main campus has a library collection of 2,490,200 paper books and 1,884,300 E-books, as well as various electronic periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages and 93 databases. We currently employ 1,353 academic staff, 880 (65.04%) of which have doctoral degrees and 744 (54.99%) have senior professional titles. We also have 32 national-level talents including academicians, Yangtze River scholars, highly distinguished medium-aged and young experts, candidates for “national talent project”, national outstanding youth fund winners, etc. 159 academic professionals were selected as talents at or above provincial level in total.

Wenzhou University school offers one doctoral program, 18 postgraduate programs (academic pathway) and 17 postgraduate programs (professional pathway). We have a post-doctoral workstation and cooperate with 24 well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad to train doctors and post-doctors. Ecology is rated as the key discipline of Zhejiang Province, and other 9 disciplines, including chemistry, Chinese language and literature, electrical engineering, law, Marxist theory, applied economics, mechanical engineering, ecology, and civil engineering, are rated first-class disciplines in the Province. Chemistry, materials science, engineering, and computer science are among the top 1% of ESI ranking in the world.

Teaching Quality. We have 15 national first-class undergraduate programs, 15 provincial first-class programs, and 18 national-level courses. 4 programs are certified by the Ministry of Education for engineering education and 6 for teacher training.

Scientific Research. We pursue the coordinated development of basic and applied research, and the synchronized advancement of humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and engineering technology research, all of which has put WZU among the cohort of national intellectual property pilot universities. We are proud to have 3 national-level scientific research platforms, 35 ministerial and provincial-level scientific research platforms, 4 provincial key innovation teams and 4 provincial high-level university teams. Our academic staff has undertaken 10 national key science and technology projects, 2 projects with grant from National Science Fund for Outstanding Youths, 2 projects with grant from National Science Funds for Excellent Youths, 36 projects with grant from National Natural Science Fund and Social Science Fund, and 730 other national projects. They have also published 368 books, and won 164 national, provincial and ministerial awards such as the second prize of National Technological Invention, the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress, the first prize of Excellent Scientific Research Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) sponsored by Ministry of Education, and the Chinese Patent Gold Award.

Industry-university-research Cooperation. WZU and the local government have jointly established 10 local research institutes, of which 4 are responsible for the operation of provincial-level industrial innovation service complexes. We are contributing to the regional industrial transformation & upgrading with our research in ecological protection, laser photoelectric technology, and low-voltage electrical appliances. The national-level “Distributed sewage treatment technology” has been applied in 8 places. We have also built China’s first cyanobacteria bloom physical jet treatment ship to help address the environmental problems. The “Island special power supply system”, which won China Patent Gold Medal promotes the rapid development of national islands, port construction and shipbuilding. The fast laser precision processing technology, the brainchild of a national key R&D project has helped solve the problem of manufacturing air film holes in C919 large aircraft blades. The course General Theory of the History of Ancient Chinese Opera, which won the first prize for outstanding teaching achievements sponsored by the Ministry of Education promotes the inheritance and innovation of excellent traditional culture. We also fully utilized our teacher training resources, established a basic education development center, and expanded the construction of affiliated schools. 11 affiliated primary and secondary schools and kindergartens have been built to meet the local demands for education. WZU founded 2 independent colleges, among which City College of Wenzhou University was transformed into Wenzhou Business College in 2016, and Oujiang College of Wenzhou University was transformed into Wenzhou University of Technology in 2021.

Global Footprint. We, together with Kean University in the United States, built Wenzhou-Kean University. Rated as “Zhejiang Key University with High-quality International Exchange and Cooperation”, we have established good relationship with 131 universities across 27 countries and regions, and built a Confucius Institute at Burapha University in Thailand. The “International Water Ecology and Environmental Research Center” and the “International Water Resource and Ecology Research Center” were jointly established with the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, respectively. We worked with Samara State Aerospace University in Russia, North Columbia University in Canada, Chonnam University in South Korea, etc. to train doctoral students. As one of the first batches of Chinese education bases approved by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, a research base for overseas Chinese, and an international cultural exchange base for overseas Chinese, WZU hosts “Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Networking College,” and strives to become the homeland of Wenzhou people all over the world.


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