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Delegation of Wenzhou University Visits the University of Siena

Release time: 2023-09-10

To enhance the cooperation in the higher education between China and Italy, and in particular, the cooperation between Wenzhou University and the University of Siena, Zhang Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wenzhou University led a delegation to visit the University of Siena in Italy on August 25, 2023. The delegation also included Xia Chunyu, Director of the Strategic Development Office, Huang Wenhao, Director of the International Relations Office, Bao Hanli, Dean of Overseas Chinese College, and Wu Mingge, Director of the Experimental Center of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Founded in 1240, the University of Siena was renowned for its rigorous research and top-notch teaching quality. Many of its graduates became famous jurists, doctors, and writers in Italy. Wenzhou University and the University of Siena signed an agreement in 2016 to jointly build the Italian campus of Wenzhou University, which was an innovative attempt for Chinese universities to operate overseas and a practical effort to communicate the Chinese culture. In 2022, the independent Confucius Classroom jointly sponsored by the two universities was granted the fund from the China International Education Foundation. So far, the two universities have achieved positive results in discipline development, student training, research cooperation.

The delegation had in-depth discussions with Professor Roberto Di Pietra, Rector of the University of Siena, Professor Milena Fadda, Head of International Relations Management and Development Office, Professor Silvia Calamai, President of the Master’s Degree Course in Languages for Business and Development, Professor Maria Omodeo, professor of Chinese Literature and Culture, President of the CRID Research Center, and Marco Marigo, Head of the CRID center for relations with schools. Both sides exchanged opinions on improving the ongoing projects, expanding new cooperation areas, and promoting university-enterprise bonds between the two universities, and held the inauguration ceremony of the Silk Road Institute.

Roberto Di Pietra said that the cooperation between the two universities had a long history with significant results. Both sides highly supported and actively promoted the joint student training and academic exchanges among teachers, making it an excellent example of Sino-Italian cooperation in the higher education.

Zhang Jian gave a detailed introduction to Wenzhou University and proposed three suggestions. Firstly, he looked forward to cooperation in more disciplines and fields, as well as cooperation in student exchanges and joint training in programs such as finance, law, mathematics, physics. The second is to deepen the cooperation on the Arezzo campus. Wenzhou University will further contribute to the development of teachers and textbooks for the Confucius Classroom at the University of Siena, and promote cultural exchange and people-to-people communication between China and Italy via the Confucius Classroom and the Silk Road Institute. The third is to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation of research achievements. Arezzo has healthy small and micro enterprises and sound small commodity economy and trade. It is also similar with Wenzhou in terms of the urban development. Thus, the two cities can prosper with the cooperation projects between the two universities, e.g., the projects of cross-border e-commerce and teacher training for overseas Chinese schools.

Roberto Di Pietra agreed with Zhang Jian’s proposal, stating that the University of Siena would actively promote the cooperation projects with Wenzhou University. He also accepted Zhang Jian’s invitation to visit Wenzhou University and expressed great willingness of conducting in-depth research and cooperation with Chinese universities, enterprises, and associations.

Delegation of Wenzhou University Visits the University of Siena

Unveiling Ceremony of Silk Road Institute

Discussion and exchanges between WZU Delegation and University of Siena

ZHANG Jian presents Prof. Roberto Di Pietra with calligraphy works by our faculty.


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